Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Dear Warriors is Gaining Purpose and Wholeness!

Owen, the Writing Muse
Over the last month, essays have been edited, added and dropped. More art has come in, bringing renewed excitement, potential, and the need to consider these new messages, knitting them into a purposeful whole with my words.

That's the coolest thing I'm feeling right now: purpose and a sense of wholeness. 
I confess that those feelings have been in short supply of late. The "Funk" that I wrote of in one essay in Dear Warriors has taken hold of me. I struggle to believe if you or anyone else relates, but deep inside, I know there are those who do. I've seen it. Read it. Heard it. Felt it.

We need to feel like we're not alone. That we all have purpose. And we are all whole, even if battered.

With Dear Warriors, I'm seeking to connect us with T1D (Diabetic Warriors) to our own selves and to all people (Warriors). I also seek to show how all people themselves relate to, and need, us with T1D.  They do!! To those who are helping me with art, personal insights, encouragement and simple presence: you and your skills are part of the resources that this Warrior needs to get through this particular battle she's fighting. You are my fellow Warriors. Dearly appreciated.

Warriors need each other.

I received a drawing today that marks the second to last slot I need to fill in the book. It fits perfectly in one of those empty holes. The essay directly connected to it, "Feeding the Soul", doesn't even need editing to reflect what this young artist presented- it's that close. But, I will add some connecting thoughts because we are now just that: truly connected. We're sharing our selves. That's the surge that keeps me going and breaks The Funk's power. That's what tells me I'm either onto something huge, or I'm simply tapping into universal truths out there and should just hold on for the ride. Either is good enough for me. I must stay out on the field as that Diabetic Warrior to the end of this mission.

Speaking of completing this mission, if you or someone you know would like to submit art- there's still time! Deadline is July 31, 2018. More information can be found in my introductory blog post, Type 1 Art Requested!.

I'm looking forward to the time in the future where I'll have a few advance copies of Dear Warriors for review. If you'd like to be included in that run (all contributing artists will get an electronic copy for their review prior to final publication, so no need to ask for this) please email me at with the subject heading "Advance Copy Review" with your address and contact information. 

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