Amber Hall, Cover & Page 86

“There’s always room for art- it’s what I do…” is Amber’s motto. Art has been a part of her since her first years. Today, Amber works in a variety of media to expand both her skills and outreach. She wishes to not only create art, but support diabetes research by donating part of her art sales. For more, please see her work on her Instagram page or email her at

Ashlee Kellogg, Page 4

Ashley keeps herself busy with school and spending time with her family and friends. This will be Ashlee’s last year in elementary school. When it comes to life, Ashlee says, “You do you.”

Great advice!

Katie Heeney, Page 18

Katie, AKA Injectagirl, has become an advocate for T1D since her diagnosis in 2016. She also enjoys art, science, and exploring the outdoors. You can find her:

Katie Love, Page 22

Katie’s world revolves around her family, which includes not only her T1D Warrior daughter, Lauren, but her husband, two sons, and two shih-tzus. In addition to photography, Katie also enjoys working in her flower garden and one day wants to explore Hawaii’s natural wonders.

Ayden Andrade, Pages 34 & 110

Ayden likes to be active. His favorite sport is football. In school, he is a member of band and is exploring different instruments. He is a Boy Scout. Summers are filled with camping, hiking, fishing, and going to beaches with his family, which includes two sisters and a brother. Ayden loves animals, and he fills that passion with 4 dogs, 2 snakes, and an aquarium of saltwater fish. When he is older, he wants to focus on helping youth with type 1.

Natalie Force, Page 46

Natalie’s go-to is softball during the summer and fall months. She has played the cello since 3rd grade. Like most teens, she has fun spending her free time hanging out with friends. She’s also an animal-lover and volunteers with the local SPCA.

Lindsay May, Page 58

Lindsay has always found enjoyment in drawing. Now, as works through her first year of college, she continues to draw and paint for relaxation. She likes to draw positive quotes and paint pictures that reflect what she’s feeling. “Color” and “creativity” are keys in Lindsay’s life!

Micah Brauer, Page 70

Micah is the youngest of four children and will be finishing his school’s Spanish and English Dual Language Program as a 5th grader in 2018-19. Micah's favorite activities include drawing, football, and basketball.  He’s a big fan of Marvel, and his favorite character is Hulk.

Mike Natter, MD., Page 74

“I doodle things to learn the medical stuff.” Mike sees connections between art and science. He graduated from Sidney Kimmel Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia in 2017, and he is currently a resident at New York University Hospital. Mike’s art is available for sale at and he can be reached on Instagram at

Lennyn Olivier, Page 98

Lennyn may be the youngest in the family, but her heart and personality are big. She loves being out with her big brother, also a T1D, and a host of family and friends, having fun.

Brendan Eskridge, Page 124

Brendan is into most sports, but his true passion is all things ice hockey: from being a fan to a player. Brendan has a younger sister and brother and he enjoys traveling together with them on vacations. Brendan’s favorite subject in school is science.

Abby Burch, Page 140

The arts have always been important to Abby. Today, she works in Indiana as a photographer, and enjoys life with her husband Allen and Taz the chihuahua. This year, Abby decided to set a goal of running a 5K every month. Find updates on her blog at
and at their business

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