Friday, August 3, 2018

August is for Analyzing!

It's been over a month since the last official update on Dear Warriors. As I get closer to going live, the hard realities and anxieties build. Worries that it's all a pointless endeavor that I should abandon. Unexpected expenses that make not having a "real" job and am "just" a writer, more hard to justify. Crazy grammar and spelling mistakes that make me feel about 2 inches tall... It's harsh. But still, I press on.

All art is locked in and accounted for. (And so eclectically cool!) Artist biographies are almost complete. The first file is at Createspace for review. The first proof will be available soon.

If you're willing to read a section and give some specific feedback on what works for you and doesn't, please consider emailing me at and I'll arrange a hard-copy mail or electronic file drop. If you know of someone else who might like to take a look at an advance copy for similar review or to do a quote-worthy blurb for the back cover, please pass this request along. Family, friends, medical folks you all adds up to furthering my writing skills and the reach of this work.

We're so much stronger together. I wish you all the best as we move forward doing that: working and being together as Dear Warriors!

UPDATE: I couldn't wait. I posted a copy of a section within Dear Warriors. Check it out: Bringing the Warrior Together. Would love to hear your responses!!

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