Sunday, March 25, 2018

Healing our Bruises

This rough essay has been cut from my current manuscript of Dear Warriors. I wanted to share it here, rather than just let it slip away into nothing, because it's a reminder we need.

Tending our wounds can include expressing ourselves artistically. 

That's why I'm writing. That's why I'm calling on anyone with T1D who has an image they've created to share it with me for consideration as an illustration for Dear Warriors. Let's work together to tend our bruises and wounds.

For more information, please see Type 1 Art Requested!. To submit a sample, please email me at For a list of book chapters and essay topics (always evolving), please see Essay Titles.

News flash (NOT): being a Diabetic Warrior can truly be ugly at times.

Anytime you shove something into your skin, you run the risk of incurring a bruise. This applies to whether you use needles, CGMs or pumps. No DW has gone without knowing that tell-tale feeling that signals, “Yup, that’s going to leave a mark.”.

Sometimes, you forget they are there and their ugly shadow surprises you in the mirror as you dress. Mottled shades of purple and green stare at you, almost accusing you. You did this to me. You.

That’s another bruise. We get a ton of those kind, too. On the inside. In our hearts. In our minds. Whether from external ignorance or internal doubts and fears, mental hits from words and phrases lash us deeply.

Wounds can fester. Rather than slowly disappearing, they can linger, causing additional misery. They can build, escalating from merely uncomfortable to dangerous.

It’s not hopeless. We need to tend our wounds. We need to note them and watch them. We need to give them time to heal. We need the strength to ask for help when things aren’t getting better and we need to be open to accepting assistance when it’s offered. Physical or mental, our bruises can end up changing us for the better.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Collaborations are Awesome- How about YOU?

I am deep into revisions to Dear Warriors. The sources for change are many: other bloggers, responses from writing and diabetes professionals, family members, associates and my own fidgety mind. It's challenging, frustrating and rewarding. There's a massive world of thoughts out there, and when you jump in to try to flesh out your own take, it's a wild, and at times, scary ride.

Years ago, I would have given up by now. 

Personal fears of worth and abilities would have gotten the better of me.

What used to scare me- the masses of humanity- now encourages me. The fact that my social media isn't crammed with nastiness is probably proof that I'm not reaching many people, but the ones who I am connecting with have offered me great help and advice. That includes InsulinNation, which has posted 3 early excerpts and a shout-out for art from fellow people with type 1 diabetes

Which brings me to this post and image. I drew this image as I thought about the most recent excerpt, Independence. The message in both is this: we're linked together by some common hopes, dreams & concerns. I love connecting imagery with stories. That was how I created my first book, Dear Teachers. As you can see by this and my blog cover art, I clearly need help on some more creative and stirring visuals!!!

I need YOU and your art!

Do you have type 1 diabetes? Have you drawn or otherwise created visuals you feel represent you? I'd love to see your printable artistry. I'm betting it will make me edit my words even more, and my goal is to include at least 10 guest artist images as part of the introductions to the various sections of the book.

You can email me at Please include:

Artist name
Artist preferred contact info
Artist age
Artist age at diagnosis
The title of the piece

A short description of your piece and inspiration

Subject matter is up to you. As long as I can draw a connection to my book, the working titles of which are included here, I will gladly consider them.

For more details, please see the first post on this blog: Type 1 Art Requested.