Sunday, February 10, 2019

Missing You

I feel like I have abandoned y'all!

My writing came to a crashing halt after publishing Dear Warriors. Today, I got back into the saddle again today, with a piece on my main blog. I titled it Abilities, Choices, and Opportunities and it covers a bit of my why's for not writing so much. 

Using this essay as a base, I could say that my writing abilities might be kind of strong, but my life choices in not getting a lit degree and not finding a network to get me opportunities to grow as a writer and advertise my books have led me to a pretty mediocre and low-key life. lol!

I hope you are all doing well. I am doing better. While I did not market Dear Warriors as I should have or could have, I hope you, my main focus, have enjoyed the final product. If you have, feel free to add a review on Amazon. The more positive reviews there, the higher they push a product. Fun fact: this book is currently the 7.2 millionth highest selling book on Amazon and my book for teachers is 3.2 millionth. That's an incredible number of books and writers! Another reminder that most people never become famous or whatnot, but the act of just doing something has its own rewards.

I'm quoting Dear Warriors on Twitter and Facebook more nowadays as I see the relevance in what we created to questions, comments, fears, etc that I'm reading from others. Feel free to quote the book and share parts to others as you wish (all I ask is that you please cite the book). I also still have extra copies I can sell for cost- just send me a message.

In addition, if there are things you don't like about Dear Warriors, I'm open to hearing it! We learn from our mistakes and how I've said things may not come across as I intended.

I wish you all well. While I've been quiet, I've not forgotten you. We're still together in this life, and I am much better for your influence in mine.

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